Hey guys!

I’m only twenty years late to the game, I suppose . . . . . so here it is:

My first blog post.

For some time, I’ve wanted to create a musical diary of sorts. Making an album is a lot of fun, but requires a tremendous amount of time, energy, editing, production, and yeah, money.

Making an album is a wonderful form of expression, but doesn’t offer the immediacy or unfiltered quality of the daily diary entry.

Which brings me here.

I’m a musician, not a writer, so it follows naturally that such a diary would be played, not written. I set up two microphones in the living room and dusted off my old Tascam reel to reel recorder. And buckled my seat belt.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be posting original songs (and a few covers), and sincerely hope you’ll join me in the journey (subscribe to your right). Check back often . . . I have a lot of music I’d like to share. Stay tuned for song #1, which posts tomorrow. And see you down at Jazz, TX!

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