Here’s a fun tune we wrote to kick things off on the midnight set (which technically starts around 12:07 . . . . ish) on the weekends at Jazz, TX. It’s got a nice little jam at the end, and we always have a ball playing this one. Swing by and check it out sometime, when a nice, happy tune is just what you need 🙂

Looking forward to doing some more recording this afternoon with Mike Porter, Brandon Guerra, and Jason Galbraith in the shed. Jazz musicians typically use the word “shed” when referring to the practice room. You can also use it as a verb (I’m going to shed/practice today). In our case, however, it’s actually just a shed in my backyard. We put together an analog tape studio back there, complete with traffic sounds from Hildebrand Avenue. We’ll be posting songs from the shed in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more music to come.


Living Room Sessions: “The Midnight Session”

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