On a hot Sunday afternoon in July, we gathered some of San Antonio’s finest into the shed for a recording session for the ages. In advance of his upcoming European tour, Garrett T. Capps opted to change Doug Sahm’s original lyric from “Goodbye San Francisco” to “Goodbye San Antonio.” Augie Meyers, who worked closely with Sahm for years, didn’t object. I believe his exact words were “Hell, what do I care? It ain’t my song . . .”

Between them, Augie Meyers and Max Baca y Los Texmaniacs boast two Grammy wins and five nominations. San Antonio Music Royalty to say the least. You can find autographed posters of both Max and Augie proudly displayed at my favorite restaurant, Garcia’s, on Fredericksburg Rd. If you’ve never been, you must go ASAP. The food tastes like the music sounds.

Stay tuned for more Sounds From The Shed (subscribe to this blog and never miss a post). Over the upcoming months, we’ll be sharing more music from South Texas legends, and legends-to-be.


Sounds From The Shed: “Goodbye San Antonio, Hello Amsterdam” with Garrett T. Capps, Augie Meyers, and Max Baca y Los Texmaniacs

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