Here’s a fun tune we wrote to kick things off on the midnight set (which technically starts around 12:07 . . . . ish) on the weekends at Jazz, TX. It’s got a nice little jam at the end, and we always have a ball playing this one. Swing by and check it out sometime, when a nice, happy tune is just what you need 🙂

Looking forward to doing some more recording this afternoon with Mike Porter, Brandon Guerra, and Jason Galbraith in the shed. Jazz musicians typically use the word “shed” when referring to the practice room. You can also use it as a verb (I’m going to shed/practice today). In our case, however, it’s actually just a shed in my backyard. We put together an analog tape studio back there, complete with traffic sounds from Hildebrand Avenue. We’ll be posting songs from the shed in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more music to come.


Living Room Sessions: “The Midnight Session”

I wrote this song in May 2019 and named it after the street we live on, “Hildebrand Ave.” These days, Hildebrand Ave. is considered very much “in town,” although only a few decades ago this would have been the outskirts. I love to hear old-timers tell stories of San Antonio when it was still the Wild, Wild West. And that wasn’t as long ago as you might think (saloon brawls were a Saturday night tradition you could count on up until the 1980-90s).

Living Room Sessions: “Hildebrand Ave.”

Curtis Calderon performing at Jazz, TX in San Antonio.

This week’s episode of “Live at Jazz, TX” (tonight at 7:00 on Texas Public Radio, or stream the full episode here) features San Antonio native Curtis Calderon, his Quartet, and a fresh batch of original tunes.

I’m really proud of Curtis for taking the longer way around and writing a full show of original music, when he could have easily coasted on the tried-and-true Jazz Standards he knows so well. After spending nearly twenty years on the road with legendary vocal jazz group, The Four Freshmen, Curtis’ repertoire easily exceeds most musicians twice his age. Nobody would mind if he played the songs of George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, and Cole Porter for hours on end.

And yet, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Curtis’ new Quartet perform an entire show of original Jazz tunes down at Jazz, TX, without the safety net of the Standards. His tunes are beautiful, swingin,’ and most of all, never heard before. If you haven’t checked him out, make sure to do so on July 30.

Or tune in tonight at 7:00 on Texas Public Radio.

Curtis Calderon and Original Tunes

I wrote this tune a few weeks back, and have really enjoyed playing it with Mike Porter and Brandon Guerra down at Jazz, TX. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Recorded on one of my favorite machines, the Tascam 22-2 Reel to Reel. I love working with analog tape, as it slows down the recording process and really makes you think about what you’re doing, since you don’t have an unlimited number of takes available (something a computer easily offers).

More tunes coming your way soon! Check back often, and don’t forget to subscribe (on your right). See you soon!

Living Room Sessions: “Home”

Hey guys!

I’m only twenty years late to the game, I suppose . . . . . so here it is:

My first blog post.

For some time, I’ve wanted to create a musical diary of sorts. Making an album is a lot of fun, but requires a tremendous amount of time, energy, editing, production, and yeah, money.

Making an album is a wonderful form of expression, but doesn’t offer the immediacy or unfiltered quality of the daily diary entry.

Which brings me here.

I’m a musician, not a writer, so it follows naturally that such a diary would be played, not written. I set up two microphones in the living room and dusted off my old Tascam reel to reel recorder. And buckled my seat belt.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be posting original songs (and a few covers), and sincerely hope you’ll join me in the journey (subscribe to your right). Check back often . . . I have a lot of music I’d like to share. Stay tuned for song #1, which posts tomorrow. And see you down at Jazz, TX!